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What are people saying about Khloe's Thoughts Editing?

I have had a great experience with Khloe. She's professional, flexible, and honest and gives you 100 percent of herself when working on your project. Emails are answered swiftly and she teaches you while editing your work.

Khloe really takes your writer voice into consideration. She doesn't just make changes and present you with a new manuscript. She leaves notes and highlights changes so you can learn from your errors and grow as a writer. She is also very communicative. I will be using her services in the future. She was recommended to me by a user on Twitter and I am happy I took action, I would highly recommend her services.

Great experience as a first time author! Khloe was patient, keep in contact throughout the process and always available when I had questions or concerns. 

My experience over was top tier. Khloe is very professional and she has such a great vibe. She takes the time to listen, she's patience, kind and great at her craft. I love my Detroit editor.

- Bianca Eugene

Working with Khloe has been like a breath of fresh air for my writing career. She understands my writing and what I try to convey in my story without changing the integrity of the novel. Her editing skills are top notch, and not only does she make corrections, but she teaches me why the corrections need to be made which helps me write cleaner drafts to send her in the future. I will always keep Khloe on my team!

- Janay Harden 

I loved working with Khloe Thoughts. She was prompt and professional. I felt like she helped enhance my writing voice. I also appreciated that she made suggestions and let me have the last decision on changes, it helped me to learn a lot. I highly recommend her services and I hope to work with her again in the future.

- A.T. Nartey, UK writer

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