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I’m Khloe Cain, a reader-turned-editor with a passion for incredible writing. After years of noticing mistakes and inconsistencies while reading for fun, I took the leap into professional editing. I ended up loving the process, and the rest, you could say, is history.

During my time as an editor, my clients include indie authors, publishing companies, and New York Times Best-Selling Authors who are ready to take their craft to the next level.

I provide editing from the first read-through of a completed manuscript to the last proofreading before publishing. There’s no better time to invest in yourself. If you’re ready to strengthen your writing, increase your productivity, and create polished work, I can help.


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Types of editing services offered

Developmental Editing

Looks at the big picture from a macro standpoint of the plot, character development, plot holes, themes, inconsistencies, pacing, tension, symbolism, tone, and inconsistent dialogue. Developmental editing is a very rigorous process so practice patience.

Copy Editing

Is correction of grammatical errors, punctuations, spelling, sentence structure, consistency of plot, basic fact-checking, and correct word usage. Copyediting is concerned with the mechanics of your writing

Line Editing

Is often compared with copyediting. They’re not the same. Line editing is looking more so at your style of writing, not grammar. Line editing will assist with language, sentence structure, pacing, and flow of your story line by line.


Is the very last stage. The proofread will catch any surface errors missed during the copyedit. It is imperative to know this should always be the LAST step.


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I’ve used Khloe’s Thoughts Editing services for independent projects. She’s efficient, highly knowledgeable, and very honest with her feedback. I trust Khloe with my art and I highly recommend her.

Ashley Antoinette (New York Times Bestselling Author)

When I found Khloe, I was at the end of my rope with editors. Frustrated is an understatement. From our first conversation, Khloe drew me in. She cares, but she is very straightforward. She pushes you to deliver the best you can, versus rushing through for the money. She is well priced and believes in relationship building, which is exactly what I wanted in an editor. With her help, I wrote a novel I'm thoroughly proud of. I could not ask for a better editor and partner. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with her work.


Author Lakaii Turner

Khloe edited my first book almost seven years ago and just recently edited my latest. That should tell you what type of editor she is! She’s brilliant and consistent. She’s very informative and knowledgeable. She makes writing so so so so so easy. All she wants her authors to do is WRITE. That’s it! Don’t worry about the rest. It is such a relief. She goes above and beyond!!! I absolutely LOVE HER AND HER WORK!!!


Author Kia Jones